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2013 Tournament Work Schedule @ GHS

Next week (week of July 22) we will be hosting the Extreme Diamond Sports world series.  This is a major foundraiser for the program.  Below you will find a work schedule with a specific day you will be working.  If you can not make the day you are assigned please make a change with someone else on the team.  Matt Lujan and Freddy Walker will be taking the lead on the tournament and any questions during the tournament should go through them or the parent(s) who are in charge.

 Tuesday – Daley, Daley, Lindsay, Buchanan, Guerrero, Olsen, Gilmer, Gonzalez

Wednesday – Stratton, Winet, Rolf, Henderson,  Lopez, Massey, Rosencutter, Lombardo

Friday – Estrada, Weed, Byerline, Valeria, McCarthy, Rosario, Oulette, Zolina

Saturday – Reed, Barnes, Candelario, Rutherford, Farris, Harr, Gilmer, Bennett

Sunday – Marlay, Barajas, Grothen, VanEvery, Olsen, Nicasio, Baer