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Crosscheckers Will Travel To Unique Locations In 2013

Posted Nov. 13, 2012 1:06 pm by Conor Glassey

This year’s High School Top 100 list stands out for a few reasons . . .

Premium Positions

While the top of this year’s draft doesn’t compare to the premium talent available from the high school ranks in 2012, there is some interesting depth and it’s clear that the strength’s of his year’s high school class are two positions teams can seemingly never get enough of: catchers and lefthanded pitchers.

The Top 100 list features nine true catchers, two players who may remain behind the plate, but probably fit better at first base in Zack Collins from American Heritage High in Plantation, Fla., and Corey Simpson from Sweeny (Texas) High and two players in California—Dom Nunez from Elk Grove High in Sacramento and Chris Rivera from El Dorado High in Placentia, Calif., who have intrigued scouts in brief looks behind the plate.